Nakea  Fournier

My Story

Nakea Fournier

I became passionate about nutrition and self-care after having my wakeup call, I was not always a healthy eater and have had my share of late nights! along with many years of working a stressful and emotionally draining job I finally got the push I needed and realized what I was meant to do with the rest of my life.

2018, I'm a mother of 2 young children and an office manager/ Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary at a thriving Dental office.

Stress was a huge part of my everyday life. I never missed a day of work, so one day when I woke up, I felt like my head was about to explode I just took an over-the-counter decongestant and went to work, after a few hours I knew something was very wrong, not only did my head hurt but my sinuses were on fire and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. At lunch I went to Urgent care and they immediately called an ambulance to bring me to the hospital. They were sure I was having some sort of cardiac episode. After a night in the ER and multiple tests nothing was found to be wrong, although my heart was still racing no one could figure out why. I was prescribed medication and sent home.

Things did not get better the medication only made things worse. I had dizzy spells and I could not go even one day without suffering an anxiety attack, I was a complete mess.

At my sister's house one day my niece said she saw my Aura, it was a dark purple color, my sister explained that it was blocked energy, a spiritual disconnection, I burst into tears, that is exactly how I felt, like I was stuck I did not know what to do no one did it was like my body was trying to tell me something but what?

I started looking into ways I could heal what was broken, I went and did acupuncture I learned to meditate and do breathing exercises and started eating a nutritious diet and it completely changed my life. The most important lesson I learned is that given half a chance your body will heal itself and I was doing the opposite. I kept taking away from my body and not restoring its main source of health and wellbeing. by over working my body and not taking time to replenish myself and being constantly stressed my body was desperately trying to tell me to wake up and stop ruining the only body I have.

I got the message and started on my journey of becoming a nutritional health coach. My realization of how you live your life and the choices you make can either keep you healthy and happy or sick and miserable is why I am passionate about creating a healthy and nutritional mindset can bring you health, happiness and the life you deserve.

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